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Double S Farm Vision

Our vision is to become a world-renowned, proven, competitive public training and breeding operation. We want to grow into a place where not only superior mares can call home, be bred and raise championship foals but amateurs can come and learn the art of halter showing and promote the great American Horseman.

The owners of Double S Farm Paint and Quarter Horses are Lance and Brenda Shealy. Together with the expertise of their trainer Olin Parker, and their Director of Business Development, Amy Goins, they successfully own and operate a champion producing horse business.

The Marquis Kid

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Double S Farm Paint and Quarter Horse History

As a young child and teenager, Brenda Shealy grew up on a farm in the heart of the Ozarks where horses were part of her everyday life. She became a barrel racer in local rodeo circuits and developed a strong bond for equines. As she grew up and progressed in life she rarely had time to stay involved with her horses but her love for the animal remained. She vowed to once again develop time to be involved with horses.

It began with an occasional ride on a couple of horses that she purchased which led to the intrigue in the horse halter showing competition. That was when she decided to try her luck in the horse arena. Lance and Brenda purchased their first mare and found a trainer to ensure success. When they realized this was not just a hobby for the industry's major players they decided it could no longer be a hobby if they were serious they must make it a business.

It was then that Double S Farm Paint and Quarter Horses was founded and the business was made a reality.

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Double S Farm Paint and Quarter Horses *Lance & Brenda Shealy* Oak Grove, AR * US * 72660